Printable Bill of Sale Template (DMV, Vehicle, Car, Boat) Sample Formats

There are many kinds of documents which are prepared in the business transaction. The bill of sale is one of important document which is used in it. Bill of sale is a kind  document which incorportes the complete details of material which might be good or property or vechicile  or something else. The details are in written form. This is sent from a one party to another party. A bill of sale is useful which helps as a powerful legal document which can be produced as a evidence in the court of law as it containes all the details of trasfer material and subject matter. There are various kinds of  bill of sale examples like Bill of sale, Bill of sale DMV, boat bill of sale , Florida bill of sale etc.. Today we will be sharing some bill of sale templates, a sample bill of sale, bill of sale form and much more.  so stay tuned and get updates.

Bill of Sale

in the above note we have told your that bill of sale is necessary a document which is taken as a legal evidence and can be shown to prove that the transfer of goods or property has been completed from one party to the second party , the thing which is being transferred  can be anything like good/ property, vehicle , any property ( house , plots , restaurant etc. ) for which bill of sale is Issued.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Commonly, When you take the owerneship of anyone`s vehicle, you may get a receipt in return which may be called bill of sale .This is an important document which is issued by the owner of the material to the new buyer. This bill may include all the requisite information in it such as Name and Contacts details of buyers an seller, description of the transferred vehicle, amount at which it is bought or sald of the vehicle, the mode of payment like in cash or via cheque or in kinds, and the warranty period  for the same.

  1. In the real estate

Let us clarify you one important thing. if you are thinking of selling real estate or any other propert to any other person who is willingly ready to buy this for some consideration then This  bill can not be used as an instrument of sale or as an agreement.the main reason behind it is the transactions which take place while sale of real state. they are of different nature as they require some other kind of legal documents which are prescribed by approriate government which may be local, manucipal, state, centre etc. on the other hand,  if you desire to use   it as a temporary agreement so bill of sale is a good option for you.

  1. For the services

bill of sale is is good to use in case of sale of good but what about when its services? When you are planninng to performing services then it is suggestive that you should use general contract for sale of service which might be known as the bill of sale.

3. For any small sale

This is all based on the mutual agreement and consent of both buyer and the seller as what do they want to use. but usually most of the people think that its not  necessary to have a bill of sale for small transaction because it might hike the cost of transaction.people use it for only high value of transaction and avoid using it in case of low cost transaction.


Bill of sale examples for the other property ( apart from the motor vehicle )

you can always use bill of sale for every item. and you can use it even for the sale of personal items which are not part of your business .So, we have described in details the various bills which may be useful for you.

1 . Bill of Sale for Business


The bill of sale for the transcation of business usually used when there is dealership between the two business firms or owners. issuing bill of sales becomes necessary because it works as the legal evidence when there is any discrepancy or conflicts.

2 . Boat Bill of sale

When an owener of the boat is ready to treansfer the owernership of boat t othe byer                 then the bill of sale takes place. This is an important point to note that its is mandatory          to isse   to avoid and tackle the issuese which might arise in future.

3 . Alabama Bill of sale

The Alabama bill of sale can be used as legal and vital document which may be produced as the evidance of the sale and purchase for any sort of motor vehicle transaction which take place between two parties. You will need the bill of sale document for the transfer of name after the purchase and sale of motor vehicle has been taken place. This may be better understood by an example like if you are planning to sell your used motor cycle to your friend then you may need to give him bil of used motor cycle . This bill of sale to the buyer works as  province of Alabama.

4 . Florida Bill of sale

Florida Bill of sale

anyone can use the Florida bill of sale for the purpose of sale of any private vehicle, boat or motorhome. Here, the seller is suggested to retain a copy of it as a token of acceptance and as legal evidance.

5 . Alberta Bill of sale Template

Alberta Bill of sale

Another type of bill of sale is alberta bill of sale. This is extream authenticative or legal document which may be used for the transaction which takes place  in regard to motor vehicle in the province of Alberta and This bill of sale is mandatory to be signed by the both parities. i.e. buyer and seller which express their consent to enter into such transaction.

6 . Utah bill of sale Template

The last bill is Utar bill of sale. its any resident of Utah is ready to sale or purchase or enter into any private transaction of the motor vehicle then they need to first of all sign a bill which is known as the Utah bill of sale in which you needs to fill up a bill of sale form at your local DMV office.

So, these all above mentioned were the bill of sale examples. Now we are going to give your templates of all the above


Bill of sale DMV

Let Read more about the DMV. the bill of sale DMV is also understood as the bill of sale which is usually a form which is required to be filled by the buyer and seller while transferring ownership of any vehicle.

every buyer or seller who is entering into the transaction of transferring or buying or selling of vehicile may not be aware of fact that if they sell their vehicle without bill of sale as per court of law they shall be held liable for the fines and violation of laws and policy which are framed with the terms and condition of motor vehicle purchase or sell.

This is to give you a suggestion that if you are planning to buy any vehicle then do check the vehicle history report, so that you will not face any kind of trouble in future in regard to use of your vehicle.

the rules policy ans law different from area to area, state to state and country to country, in the samee way, .This bill of sale form provided by the department Of transport of the motor vehicle which is  known as the bill of sale DMV.

[Free]* Bill of Sale (DMV, Vehicle, Car, Boat) Sample Templates

the level of importance of this bill differ from are to are and department to department. somewhere its not as important as it is important in some other region of the state or country.

So , we have decided to make it more convenient for youand for the purpose your are being given the DMV bill of sale form for which you have to pay nothing. It means its totally free.

Car Bill of Sale Form

First and foremost, we need to tell you that If you are ready to purchase any vehicle then you may need car bill of sale form which will be taken as the evidance in future in case of discripancy. The imporant points which should be included in your bill of sale are given below.


  1. The location of the vehicle: In the first part of the bill of sale you have to mention all the required details of the vehicle like model number engine number chesis number design etc.

.2. Information of the seller: in the second part your need to mention all the revelent details of seller of vehicle.

  1. Information of the buyer: in the second part your need to mention all the revelent details of buyer of vehicle.
  2. Price of the vehicle: In this part, you need to mention the appropriate amount of money at which buyer and seller have mutually agreed to buy it and sell it to each others.
  3. Mode of the payment for purchase: it should be clearly mentioned that what would the mode of payment on behalf buyer to the sell to avoid any conflict in future. it should be well decided in advance that mode of payment will be in cash or cheque or else so that transaction may take place smoothly.
  4. Sales tax: Here in the bill of sale all the information regarding the sales tax for the vehicle is given so that all of the effects of it on the price of vehicle can be concluded. Due to sale tax, the price can get decreased or increased depending on the features of tax.


  1. Vehicle details: in this part all the essential details of vehicles are mentioned which includes date of payment of vehicle, date of transfer, type of model of vehicle, warranty if any, date of purchase of vehicle, place where it is registred and place where it will be registered after transfer. color of vehicle, RTO registered of vehicile, ultimately all the details regarding the vechile are given here.


  1. Signature of the witness: the contract must take place in the prescence of someone so that he can be called as a proof whenever required. in this section, the details regarding witness are mentioned including his name address contact details relation with buyer seller etc.

being a buyer to need to take some precaution while buying any vehicle. so these important points are given below while buying vehicle.

Name the person who had ownership of vehicle previously

Name the place where it was registered prviously.

List the name and dates of accident caused to due vehicile.

All these information are necessary which should be known by you before going to any conclusion of the purchase even before you sign the bill of sale.


How to write a bill of sale?

Everyone has own choice and own way of doing things. keeping this in mind, some people do not prefer to gor for online bill of sale templates or they even do not want blank templatte to use instead they prefer to use the handwritten bill of sale and if you also want to make it yourself so you will be glad to know that so your search is end as today we are going to explain detail that how you can easily and correctly wrote the bill of sale for any vehicle on your own , it is very simple and easy you just need to read it out carefully and follow the below steps which we will provide you.

1 . you must gather all the required information about the vehicle when you are going to start writing. these details may include vehicle no. registration number insurance. etc

2 .Now , once you gether all information, STarting writing with important details of buyer and saler which is top most point in context of importance. you must give an identity to the bill of sale by mentioning the details of both the parites who are going to enter into contract.

3 .one you are done with the above point then you need to check all the gathered details of vehicle such as insurance, registration,  vehicle number, date of registration, model number, previous background of vehicle etc.

  1. nw you have to mention the particular price at which the buyer and seller have agreed to buy and sell the vehicile.. along with the price. you have to mention the name and contact details of the buyer and mode of payment to avoid problm in future.

5 . As this is a bill of sale and needs to be a legal document so for making it legal you have to do or mention some things in it which are important and then take it to the vehicle motor department.

6 .Now , this is the last step where your bill of sale requird to be signed by both seller of the vehicle and the buyer of the vehicle and you can also get the signatures notarized. although it is not necessary but in future it can be helpful to you if any case happens , make sure that the signs are with date of signing below them.


Now the bill is ready and you can you it for inteded purpose.

Bill of Sale Templates

Bill of sale in PDF

if you are not feeling to write it own. and you dont want to create by handwritten then there is no need to worry about it. s we have already told you have we have so many template which may meet all your needs. you just need to select suitable teplate and give it print on hard copy. Here you have you selected copy of template. and whats good about it thats you are goin to pay nothing for this. This is simple and free. so dont wait and make the most of it.

Bill of Sale in PDF

Bill of sale in PDF

This is the best format which you are going to get. PDF format ithe best version of template. you just need to download it in pdf version and give print out on hard copy. you can use it as you feel comfortable.


Bill of sale template in word

This is another format which is best after pdf is word. the best feature of this format is that you can edit in it as per your need and requirement. you just need to download in docx. format and edit as you want and print it.

Bill of sale template in word


now we are going to sum up. here today we have learn about an important instrument i.e. bill of sale which is helpful and important document which is used in the sale purpose of vehicile. we have seen so many template here so that you can use it. you cane leave your fedback and query into comment section.